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For the discerning car owner who desires the deepest, wettest & best shine available, we bring you Swissvax Waxes. Handcrafted in Switzerland, Swissvax waxes are applied to Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Mercedes motorcars in their final stages of refinishing before they leave the factory floor. Giving you a quality and premium shine and finish to your vehicle.

Swissvax Concorso is enriched with edible fruit (passionfruit) oil extracts and contains 50% ultra-pure Brazilian (non-bleached) Grade-A carnauba waxes, a super-hard substance that gives a deep, wet, show car shine.

car & vehicle paint protection

Professional Composite Ceramic Coating for Cars Rockhampton Gracemere Yeppoon

Swissvax Concorso first became famous at classic car exhibitions and club events round the world.

Swissvax Concorso requires professional preparation so as to properly bond to the surface of your vehicle. This ensures longevity and performance for 18+ months. Additionally to your chosen Paint Correction service, each Swissvax Concorso application receives 4-stage paint decontamination and Swissvax Cleaner Fluid treatment.

Like all final step products, professional decontamination and preparation of your vehicle will determine the performance and lifespan that a wax or paint protective coating delivers. For the pinnacle and world-class in automotive waxes, chat to your Ultimate Detailing Professional about Swissvax Concorso today.

Why GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum?

Crystal Serum is by far the market-leading composite ceramic car & vehicle coating and the most effective paint protection available for your vehicle. Unlike car dealership paint protection products which don’t last, Crystal Serum cures and bonds to the surface of your pride and joy, creating a thick glass layer that exhibits extreme gloss, water beading, and chemical/swirl resistance.

Professional Installation

Crystal Serum may only be installed by an accredited and highly trained Gtechniq Detailer, meaning that your car is in safe hands. Ultimate detailing technicians spend hours and frequently multiple days polishing and preparing each vehicle for Crystal Serum installation so as to achieve flawlessly showroom results.

What does our car paint protection do?

Paint protection is serious business! And if you don’t get onto it right it may result in heartache and expensive repairs. Crystal Serum safeguards your vehicle’s exterior with a 9H sacrificial glass layer, offering 24/7 protection from our harsh Aussie climate.

Car & Vehicle Paint Protection Warranty

Gtechniq Accredited Installers compose of a worldwide network of pros who proudly offer a guarantee & warranty which states that this coating won’t bubble, yellow, peel, oxidize, or lose over 20% gloss. In order to keep up your warranty, every 6 months your car is due for an inspection and minor detailing service.

This service includes:
– Inspection
– Decontamination
– Wash Service
– Spray Sealant Application

car and vehicle paint protection ceramic rockhampton gladstone yeppoon
car paint correction repairs rockhampton gladstone yeppoon

Every Car Paint Protection Service Includes a Single Stage Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the professional term for polishing/buffing and serves to get rid of a range of paint defects from the surface of your vehicle, including swirls, holograms, etching, random isolated deep scratches (RIDS), watermarks, stains, oxidiation and more. Paint correction is multi-stage process that consists of three main parts:

Our Paint Protection Prices

*Price includes Sedans, all other types of vehicles will have different prices depending on the type of vehicles, state of the vehicle, and other factors, please contact us for a quote.

Our paint Protection services allow us to protect and shield your car or any other type of vehicle paint with our quality CRYSTAL Serum ingredients.


3 year Warranty.

Starts From


  • Single stage paint correction
  • Gtechniq exo


5 year Warranty

Starts From


  • Single paint correction
  • Gtechniq Crystal serum light


10 year warranty

Starts From


  • Single paint correction
  • Gtechniq crystal serum ultra


Starts From


  • Single paint correction
  • Gtechniq crystal serum ultra
  • Windscreen protection
  • YOUR CHOICE OF Gtechniq Exo OR Window tint (darkest legal)


Starts From


  • Single paint correction
  • Gtechniq crystal serum ultra
  • Windscreen protection
  • YOUR CHOICE OF Gtechniq Exo or Window tint (darkest legal)
  • Leather protection
  • Fabric protection
  • Interior Trim Protection

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