Our Detailing Prices

*Price includes Sedans, all other types of vehicles will have different prices depending on the type of vehicles, state of the vehicle, and other factors, please contact us for a quote.

Vehicle Detailing Prices

Our quality vehicle detailing services refurbish your car, boat, motorcycle, truck, boat, jet ski, or even helicopters into near new condition.


High-quality exterior clean. Get your car looking its best for the weekend.

Starts From


  • Soft microfibre hand wash
  • Air blow crevices & wing mirrors
  • Towel dry
  • Wheels, tyres, arches cleaned and tyres coated
  • Door jambs dried


Our Mini Detailing Services include our quality standard interior and exterior cleaning and optional extras.

Starts From


(sedan price) 3hrs

  • Snow foam
  • Soft microfibre hand wash & towel dry
  • Bug & tar removal
  • Wheels, tyres, arches cleaned and coated
  • Air blow crevices & wing mirrors
  • Cabin rubbish removal
  • Interior clean and deep vacuum
  • Interior spot & stain removal
  • Windows cleaned in & out
  • Exterior trims dressed
  • High gloss spray wax
  • Air freshener
  • Titan Ultra sealant $60 – Optional


Our Full Detailing Services include our quality standard interior and exterior cleaning and optional extras.

Starts From


 (sedan price) 6hrs 

  • Includes Mini detail Services Plus:
  • Interior UV dressing
  • Engine bay detailed
  • Clay bar
  • Seats shampooed
  • High gloss machine polishing
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Mobile Car & Vehicle Detailers Rockhampton, Gracemere & Yeppoon

At Ultimate Detailing, we love what we do. For us, detailing is an art and whether we’re detailing a Holden, Ford, Toyota or a Ferrari, we utilise the world’s best products and trade practices to make sure that your pride and joy maintains its showroom splendour and wonder.

As the leaders within the mobile detailing industry, we’re all about top quality, workmanship, and great service. We don’t use sponges or chamois… This isn’t 1992. We utilise an intricate set of detailing tools, plush microfibre towels, soft cleansing agents, and a large variety of high-tech machines to thoroughly and safely detail your vehicle or car.

With power and water on board, we will detail your car, boat, truck, jet ski, motorcycle, or any other vehicle at any location.

Mobile Car Detailing Rockhampton, Gracemere & Yeppoon

Cleaning, detailing, and maintaining your daily drive is an essential must. It benefits you both personally and professionally. There’s nothing like stepping into a pleasant smelling & clean car. The smell of the leather, the optical clarity of the glass and glow emanating from the gleaming, glossy paintwork. Life with a clean car feels more organised, and more fulfilled.

Like many things in life, regular maintenance leads to less cost and fewer stresses in the future.

That’s where we will help. We love detailing. It’s our passion. From our standard Wash service all the way through to our Full car detailing service, we will assist you with any and each detailing need.

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Mobile 4x4 & 4 Wheel Drive Detailing Rockhampton, Gracemere & Yeppoon

A much-loved fourby is never a well-clean four-wheel drive. And when it comes
to 4×4’s, we’ve seen it all. Sand, mud, dust, and squashed insects – all
partners-in-crime when it involves the degradation of your much-loved

As 4×4 mobile detailers, we take pride in utilising all manner of high-end
detailing tools, instruments, and car maintenance products to supply outstanding results that will have you ever wishing you’d known about us sooner.

Mobile Motorbike Detailing Rockhampton, Gracemere & Yeppoon

We share your love of riding. As high-end vehicle & car detailers, we’ve worked on all makes and models of motorbikes. Whether you own a KTM offroad
adventurer, an MV Augusta Superbike, a Harley Davidson Night
Rod and ever practical Honda CB400 or any other type of motorbike – we love and detail all of them.

Professionally detailing your motorbike takes time. We’re not going to
rush. We spend the time required to attain an intensive and flawless
result and have your motorbike gleaming. We employ precise tools and specialised microfibre towels to detail all of the intricate areas that make up your bike and that we ensure that our process remains low-water and low-aggression – no harsh or abrasive cleaning methods.

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jet ski detailing washing cleaning rockhampton gladstone yeppoon

Mobile Jet Ski & Boat Detailing & Washing Rockhampton, Gracemere & Yeppoon

Fun under the sun! Jet Ski’s & boats are as Aussie as sinkin’ a couple of beers at a BBQ and are easily even as much fun. However, we’ve discovered that the majority of people’s Jet Ski’s & boats aren’t nearly as well-loved as they ought to be.

As high-end Jet Ski & boat Detailers & cleaners, we clean, detail, and protect all manner of marine craft including PWC’s. Often a combination of Gelcoat and plastic substrates and different paint systems to match, these vessels require specialised treatment when it involves efficient maintenance.

Does your H2O Crotch Rocket or your leisure craft look dull and scratched up? Don’t stress. Our world-class paint correction and ceramic protection services will restore it to showroom standard and make sure that salt, sand mud and dust are repelled for a lot of years to come

Mobile Boat Detailing Rockhampton, Gracemere & Yeppoon

Our mobile boat detailing services to ensure your boat or water vessel is professionally clean once you have gone out on a boating weekend or whenever you need your boat cleaned.

We use microfibre handwashing, the cabin inside and out, engine detailing, and many other sections of your boat.

Let us get your boating into as new condition with our experienced boat detailing services in Rockhampton, Gladstone & Yeppoon.

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Mobile Commercial Detailing Rockhampton, Gracemere & Yeppoon

Trucks, big rigs, cranes, and front end loaders – we’ve detailed them all.

Detailing services aren’t just reserved for cars. Our truck and commercial detailing services are the best and ensure your truck, or another type of commercial vehicle is brought back to life inside and out.

More and more, our Ultimate Detailing detailing professionals are finding themselves on construction sites and truck depots, offering the commercial industry the most effective in high-end detailing.

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